A properly designed support program consists of many different, yet highly inter-related elements that provide life cycle management of your facility and the assets within, thereby ensuring maximum return on your investment, as well as increased operating efficiency and productivity, resulting in the lowest possible operating cost.

At Smart Systems, we work with different segments of customers ranging from multinational corporates to SMEs. We understand and offer valued services that address the specific requirements of the customer through provision of, expert cost-effective services to enhance asset value and maximize returns.

Our experience is to take advantage of technology to fill the gap of time and expertise in order to achieve high levels of building efficiency while at the same time minimizing the cost to operate and maintain the IT infrastructure. Technology, when coupled with sound processes and domain expertise, drives significant results in a building's performance and a business' bottom line.

Smart System IT FMS - All along we have been in the business of providing high quality Facility Management Services, which is of course a Manpower based support model. Our expert panel members provide well trained professional and skilled resources for catering to the exact requirements ranging from on-site support models to providing specialized remote management support, in an efficient manner with scope of managing and maintaining the entire IT infrastructure so that your business runs smoothly.

Our support service includes:

  • 24x7 Service Desk and Help Desk
  • Technical Operations
  • Global Delivery Model
  • End User Services
  • Remote Monitoring Support
  • Enterprise Application Support